On the 9th of September, the Aha! Campaign was launched at Mick Mulcahy’s Fitness Class at 7:30pm in Naas CBS. The launch was followed by a free fitness class at 8pm.

Aha! is a new campaign from the Alcohol Health and Wellbeing Alliance. This campaign encourages people to think about their drinking, to reduce any excesses and to use the extra time, money and energy for activities that improve health, wellbeing and quality of life. Using a ‘Less is More’ approach because a reduction in alcohol consumption provides opportunities for gains in health, wellbeing and quality of life.

Mick Mulcahy has come on board as one of the Aha! Campaign supporters alongside Kildare Leader Partnership and Kildare Sports Partnership, KFM Radio, the Kildare Nationalist, the HSE and the South Western Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force. Teresa Murray Cllr Maynooth is also supporting the Aha! awareness campaign as is Cllr Mark Wall and Cllr Aoife Breslin both of Kildare South. The campaign is aimed at people in the Kildare and West Wicklow area who are interested in changing their drinking habits and looking for a healthier outlook on life.

“It’s not all about giving up, it’s about moderation. A reduction in alcohol consumption provides opportunities for gains in those other areas of life e.g. the few bob you might put for a bottle of wine on a Friday night, could go towards an exercise class which in turn will improve your health and wellbeing, you’ll meet more friends and you feel good about yourself!” – Mick Mulcahy

We also took part in the Naas Park Run with Brenda O'Donoghue and the Operation Transformation guys. Present on the day along with Brenda was Dr. Eddie Murphy who had great interest in our campaign.