Kildare Post coverage of the Aha Campaign

How "Moderate" Drinking Can Affect You

This week's Kildare Post looks at the Aha! Campaign to reduce our alcohol intake. When Ashling Kelly appeared on TV3's Doctor in the House, she had no idea how it would change how she lived and lead her on to a new healthlier lifestyle. She now bans the wine during the week, saving her health and calories along the way. Pictured are Ashling and Councillor Teresa Kelly, lending support to the idea, that when it comes to alcohol, less really is more. You can read the full article below:

About the Aha Campaign

Aha - The Alcohol Health and Wellbeing Alliance encourages people to reduce drinking and to spend the extra time, money and energy on things that improve health, wellbeing and happiness. It's about making small changes to feel good.