Gift of Wellness Hamper

This time of year is all about giving. A lot of us are rushing around, panic buying the old reliables, but what if we picked some presents which were all about wellbeing? Gifts that actually make people feel good or give them time to relax. Why not show people you care by, this year, giving a gift of wellbeing?  It could be anything from a voucher for music or arts venues to a spa treatment or massage. You don't need to spend a fortune to give someone a really nice healthy cookbook or maybe some essential oils or candles. Looking after your wellbeing is important. This year the Aha Campaign is all about wellbeing at Christmas and into the New Year, so we're promoting the idea of giving gifts that are all about feeling good and which aregood for you.

The Wellbeing Hamper

The Gift of Wellbeing is supported by Supervalu Sallins, Alltype Hampers and Mangans Allcare Pharmacy, who have put together beautiful Wellbeing Hampers with messages of the Little Things we can do to improve wellbeing, all crammed with lovely things. Available in affordable €25 or €45 hamper sizes, they might be the feelgood present to give. 

About the Aha Campaign

Aha - The Alcohol Health and Wellbeing Alliance encourages people to reduce drinking and to spend the extra time, money and energy on things that improve health, wellbeing and happiness. It's about making small changes to feel good. It is an intitiative of the South West Regional Drug and Alcohol Taskforce.