Drinks Meter Website

Thursday the 6th of October will see the launch of Ireland's first drink meter. The drink meter was designed to bring your drinking habits into a perspective that will make you think about your drinking. You can log in to the site which keeps all of your data anonymous, enter how much days of the week you had a few drinks and how many drinks you had each night. The meter will then show you on average, how much you have spent on the alcohol, how many calories you have put into your body. This is where the "How many cheeseburgers have you drank this weekend?" has come from. Two bottles of beer are equal to one cheeseburger. The site will then ask you if you are interested in cutting down. If you are, it will give you tips on how to reduce your alcohol, and will help you make a plan to work with. It will provide you with an average of how much money you will save from your reductions and also show you how much less calories you are saving your body from. The website will be live from tomorrow, the 6th of October and will be linked on our Facebook, Twitter and website. Stay tuned so you can get help on your drinking while staying anonymous.