Our new Drinks Meter is now live and can be found on this link Drinksmeter.ie 

In order to make informed choices around drinking, people need personally relevant, objective information about their drinking.

Most people who drink alcohol won’t ever need to seek treatment, many people however, would like to use less, use safely, and most importantly, don’t want to harm themselves or other people.

The reality is that there is no guidance for people who use most drugs about what constitutes safe levels of drug use. Why? Because there are no safe levels — but risk exists on a spectrum.

Drinks Meter is designed to allow people to think about their use and compare themselves to other people like them. It aims to nudge people to be safer and wiser, and to provide them with some simple tools to reduce the risk of harm related to their drinking and flag up when their use might be causing them problems. It places no judgment. It does not tell a person what to do. It reflects back to them what they have shared with drinks meter. It is not a doctor. It is not an exact science. Put simply, it is a community of users, aiming to make more informed decisions.

 Follow this link to get started drinksmeter.ie